Peer reviewed publications

2021 Investigating receptor-mediated antibody transcytosis using Blood-Brain Barrier organoid arrays., Simonneau et al.

Model: Gastrointestinal Organoids    Journal: Fluids and barriers of the CNS

2021 Bioengineered embryoids mimic post-implantation development in vitro., Girgin et al.

Model: Gastrointestinal Organoids    Journal: Nature Communications

2020 High-throughput automated organoid culture via stem-cell aggregation in microcavity arrays., Brandenberg et al.

Model: gastrointestinal organoids, human colorectal cancer tumoroids    Journal: Nature Biomedical Engineering

2020 Homeostatic mini-intestines through scaffold-guided organoid morphogenesis., Nikolaev et al.

Model: perfusable gastrointestinal organoids    Journal: Nature



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