Personalized medicine

What is the problem?

Drugs don't work for most people. Medication available on the market today is designed according to the «one drug fits all» principle. However a patient’s reaction to a drug is as    diverse as our population. In one out of two    cases a medication shows no effect, but the patient can still suffer from possible side effects    of the prescribed drug.

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Why we need a change.

Personalized medicine is the answer to finding the right drug for each individual. The future of health care implies that drugs can be tested for their efficiency before effectively giving them to a patient. These tests will be performed on small patient-derived tissue samples. This strategy will allow us to find the right treatment for the right person at the right time.

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How we do it.

Organoids are the ideal example of patient-derived test sample for drugs. They are miniature organs on a laboratory dish that show functions that so far have only been accessible inside a living organism. Deriving organoids from patient-specific cells and in high number and quality opens the door to revolutionizing our ways of performing and experiencing medicine.

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Medical therapies work according to the « one drug fits all » principle. However a patient’s reaction to a drug is as diverse as our population. Personalized medicine is the future for more effective treatments with fewer side effects. And organoids promise to be the first step. They are personal miniature organs on a laboratory dish, that can be used for drug testing or generating safe transplantable tissues.

SUN bioscience has developed an efficient high-throughput long-term culture platform for organoids, which is already being tested in high profile laboratories across Europe.


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